SAG-AFTRA Says It’s Vid Game Industry’s Turn to Compromise to End Strike

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Reprinted from Deadline Hollywood by David Robb on October 31, 2016.

The 11-day-old actors’ strike against video game industry will not end until the companies compromise on their refusal to offer some type of residuals for the most successful games, SAG-AFTRA said Monday. Claiming that it’s already compromised enough, the union says that now “It’s their turn to be reasonable and compromise.”

“Secondary payments are a core issue for professional performers across all the contracts we negotiate because they enable a freelance workforce to survive between jobs,” the union said. “They also reflect the respect our members deserve for contributing their creativity, voices and likenesses to the games they bring to life.”

The companies remain resistant to paying residuals to actors, the union said, because “they appear to be concerned that if they are seen to compromise with one group of employees, other groups of their employees might get ideas.”

“These companies pay bonuses – and sometimes even game royalties – to their animators and developers, and so they should,” the union said. “The game companies say that they don’t offer residual payments of any kind to programmers, artists, and other people who work on video games.” …

Deadline Hollywood 10/31

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