How Labor Groups are Fighting Trump

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Donald Trump's support among union members in Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin dropped 5 percentage points from mid-June to September | Getty

Reprinted from Politico by Marianne Levine on October 28, 2016.

National labor unions hoping to put a dent in Donald Trump’s support among working-class voters are running a massive ground game in swing states, sending out a detailed script to nearly 2,000 canvassers who’ve knocked on more than 6 million doors so far.

The script, obtained by POLITICO for labor-backed canvassers in Pennsylvania, urges them to establish a “personal connection” and ask a prospective voter what issues matter most to him or her. It instructs the canvasser to raise different concerns with black, Latino and millennial voters — with an anti-Trump message tailored to each group.

The script is used by For Our Future, a super PAC funded by the AFL-CIO, the American Federation of Teachers, AFSCME, the National Education Association and various other labor unions. It’s part of one of the most aggressive, grass-roots efforts by labor unions in years to persuade voters to back the Democratic ticket. …

Politico 10/28

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