Breitbart Rips Trump’s Labor Pick

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Breitbart described Andrew Puzder, right, as "a cheap-labor, migration-boosting employer." Getty

Reprinted from Politico by Cristiano Lima on December 8, 2016.

Donald Trump on Thursday faced criticism over his labor secretary pick from an unlikely source: Breitbart News, a right-wing media organization that championed Trump’s presidential candidacy.

As reports spread of the Trump transition team’s plan to announce restaurant chain CEO Andrew Puzder as head of the Labor Department, Breitbart released a piece picking apart the executive’s views, writing that he “stands diametrically opposed to Trump’s signature issues on trade and immigration.”

The piece charged Puzder with “[preferring] foreign labor to American workers” and seeking to “import foreign workers to fill US jobs,” saying his position “stands opposed to the desires of the American electorate” that elected Trump. Citing numerous op-eds authored by Puzder over the years, the article also critiques his “support for immigration amnesty.” …

Politico 12/8

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