Female Directors Worry Donald Trump’s EEOC Picks Could Stall Hollywood Probe

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Reprinted from Deadline Hollywood by David Robb on January 30, 2017.

The ongoing reshuffling of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission could have dire consequences for female film and TV directors who’ve been hoping that the EEOC’s ongoing investigation would address Hollywood’s discriminatory hiring practices.

“We’re all talking about it,” said director Rachel Feldman, one of the more than 100 women directors who have been interviewed by EEOC investigators over the past year. “We’re all very concerned that Trump’s new picks are going to keep the EEOC from getting behind women directors and recognizing that the pattern of gender discrimination in Hollywood warrants governmental legal action.”

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump named Republican Victoria Lipnic to serve as acting chair of the EEOC, replacing Democrat Jenny Yang. Lipnic, whose Senate confirmation is almost certain, has a history at the EEOC of viewing discrimination claims through a conservative lens – a view that tends to favor big business over labor, over women, and over women in labor. …

Deadline Hollywood 1/30

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