DNC Chair Candidates Try to Move Past Primary, Adopt ‘Resistance’

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The DNC will cast ballots for chairman on February 25.

Reprinted from The Washington Post by David Weigel on February 11. 2017.

On Saturday afternoon, Thomas Perez, the former secretary of labor running to chair the Democratic National Committee, told his supporters to be proud of the unifying race they had run.

“We have existential threats. We are a united Democratic Party,” Perez told organizers who had just finished their boxed lunches. “It’s so disappointing for some in the media, because there’s no chair-throwing. Nobody’s going to ask you about the size of your hands.” …

Saturday’s “future forum” was the last DNC gathering before February 25, when Democrats will gather in Atlanta to elect new leaders. Over six public debates and a stream of TV interviews, the leading candidates had found themselves in combative agreement, arguing for a party that invests more in every state, disagreeing only about who should get them there. …

The Washington Post 2/11

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