EPI: An Improving Economy Led to Rising Wages for Most in 2016

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Reprinted from The Economic Policy Institute by Elise Gould on March 9, 2017.

In The State of American Wages: 2016, EPI Senior Economist Elise Gould finds that an improving economy in 2016 brought broad-based wage growth for most workers. Notably, wages at the bottom rose more in states that raised their minimum wages. However, there are still large gaps in wages by gender and race and between wage levels.

“There’s good evidence that two clear mechanisms boosted wages for low- and middle-wage workers in 2016,” said Gould. “The first is state-level increases in the minimum wage and the second is lower unemployment overall.”

The report details the most up-to-date hourly wage trends through 2016 across the wage distribution and education categories, highlighting important differences by race and gender. …

EPI 3/9

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