‘Midnight Rider’s Film Allman Loses Third Appeal Over Safety Violations

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Reprinted from Deadline Hollywood by Anita Busch on March 21, 2017.

Film Allman, LLC just lost another appeal in an effort to wipe away the “willful safety violation” and fine imposed by the Occupational Health and Safety Commission over the production company’s actions on the set of Midnight Riderwhich led to the death of 27 year-old Sarah Jones and the serious injury of several others. This time, arguments were heard in the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals which stated that the “willful safety violation” against Film Allman stand and it must pay the $70K statutory maximum fine.

 “I don’t think there are any plans to appeal it,” said Film Allman attorney Amanda Clark-Palmer. “We were obviously disappointed in the decision and the brevity of the 11th Circuit’s decision.” This comes after battling three times to get the violation and fine thrown out as the lawyers progressed legally through the proper channels of the OSHA review commission and each time were denied, thereby sending them to the federal court.

The decision handed down from two circuit court judges, Robin Rosenbaum and Julie Carnes, and District Judge Harvey Schlesinger in Atlanta, comes only six days after oral arguments were heard on March 14 where attorneys for Film Allman argued three points: That certain portion of witness statements were withheld, that the evidence presented didn’t classify the actions as “willful” and that their clients shouldn’t have to pay the fine. …

Deadline Hollywood 3/21

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