WGA’s Boards Vote to Send Strike-Authorization Ballots to Members

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Reprinted from Deadline Hollywood by David Robb on March 28, 2017.

In the second of a one-two punch that puts the WGA further along the road to a threatened strike against the film and TV industry, the WGA East’s council voted Tuesday night in New York to seek strike authorization from the guild’s members. The vote comes a day after the WGA West’s board voted in Los Angeles to seek the same authorization from its members.

The back-to-back votes were recommended unanimously by the WGA negotiating committee, which broke off contract talks with management’s AMPTP on Friday.

The WGA West said last night that the guild’s members will begin voting in April – online and at special membership meetings – to authorize the board and council to call a strike if future talks fail to produce a fair contract. That voting will be concluded by April 24 or 25 – a week before the May 1 expiration of the current film and TV contract.

Both labor and management have said they intend to return to the bargaining table after the strike-authorization vote is conducted. “Keeping the industry working is in everyone’s best interests, and we are ready to return to negotiations when they are,” management’s AMPTP said after talks broke off Friday. …

Deadline Hollywood 3/28


Reprinted from Deadline Hollywood by David Robb on March 27, 2017.

Hollywood moved a step closer to an industry-crippling writers’ strike Monday night when the WGA West’s board of directors approved sending strike authorization ballots to the guild’s members. Monday night’s vote came at the unanimous recommendation of the WGA negotiating committee, which broke off contract talks with management’s AMPTP on Friday. The WGA East’s council will vote Tuesday to send strike authorization ballots to their members.

Earlier Monday, the WGA West told its members that once approved, the strike authorization vote will be held through online voting and at special membership meetings sometime in April. The vote would be concluded by April 24 or 25 – a week before the May 1 expiration of the current film and TV contract. 

“If the members approve strike authorization,” the guild said, “that simply means the board and council, in consultation with the negotiating committee, are authorized to call a strike. Obviously, the leadership’s decision of whether to go on strike depends on its assessment of the members’ support and the overall strategic situation. The board and council control the timing, provided that the strike cannot begin until after the contract expires on midnight May 1. The timing, of course, depends on what’s going on at the negotiating table – the goal, of course, is always to get a deal.” …

Deadline Hollywood 3/27

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