WGA Members Approve Strike Authorization in Historic Turnout

April 25, 2017

The strike authorization was approved by 96.3% of the 6,310 writers who cast ballots, according to the WGA, a record 67.5% of eligible WGA members. A strike, if it comes to that, can’t begin until midnight May 1, when the current film and TV contract expires. A strike can still be averted if the WGA and […]

Trump to Name National Labor Relations Board Chairman

April 25, 2017

President Donald Trump intends to designate Philip Miscimarra as the chairman of the National Labor Relations Board, the White House said on Friday. Miscimarra, who currently serves as the NLRB’s acting chairman, joined the board in 2013. […]

Miller: When Wall Street Writes the Rules for Retirement

April 25, 2017

“Today in the United States, nearly half of all those employed in the private-sector don’t have access to a retirement savings plan at work,” writes Ethan Miller for Jobs with Justice. “Put another way, a near majority of private companies have walked away […]

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