SAG-AFTRA Claims It ‘Has the Momentum’ in Video Game Strike

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David Robb/Deadline Hollywood

Reprinted from Deadline Hollywood by David Robb on March 31, 2017.

Claiming that it “has the momentum” in its 23-week-old strike against selected video game companies, SAG-AFTRA says “many signs indicate that our strike is working” and that the 11 struck companies “are feeling the pressure.”

The union says that it’s signed 25 video games and 18 companies to a contract it promulgated in October that gives performers residuals amounting to a full-day’s pay for each 500,000 units sold, up to four secondary payments if the games sells 2 million units.

Residuals remain the key issue in the strike, which began October 21. The guild wants to give the game companies the option of paying an upfront bonus to performers or paying backend residuals on successful games. The companies, however, steadfastly have refused to include any residuals formula in the collective bargaining agreement. …

Deadline Hollywood 3/31

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