Steelworkers Re-elect Gerard, Emphasize Solidarity

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Delegates to the United Steelworkers convention applauded remarks by union President Leo Gerard. Some 3,000 people attended the gathering. Photo courtesy of USW

Reprinted from Workday Minnesota by Mark Gruenberg on April 17, 2017. 

From fighting unfair free trade deals to standing up to politicians and corporations who are destroying workers’ rights in the United States and Canada, the United Steelworkers (link is external) spent their 2017 convention emphasizing unity and solidarity.

“Our founders risked everything to win the rights that all of us enjoy today,” President Leo Gerard said in his keynote address. “They did it against unbelievable odds. They battled hired scabs and thugs. They stood down national guardsmen hell bent on breaking their strikes. They even stood their ground against cops that shot them dead on picket lines.

“And yet, in spite of all that, they prevailed. Their power was – and ours still is – the greatest power ever known: The power of unity, the power of our activism, the power of stand¬ing strong, shoulder to shoulder, militant if necessary.”

The struggle continues, added Gerard, whom the 3,000 delegates re-elected to another term as president. That’s because corporate greed uses its political puppets to still attack unions and trash middle class wages, benefits and jobs in both the US and Canada. …

Workday Minnesota 4/18

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