Write Your Representative: Oppose Legislation that Would Steal Overtime Pay

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Reprinted from The Daily Kos action network. Undated and unattributed.

When Congress returns from recess, the House will take up the “Working Families Flexibility Act” (HR 1180.) This bill offers working people a false choice between time off and money.

What it’s really doing is stealing overtime pay from working families, further eroding basic protections for working people.

Overtime pay is an opportunity for working people to earn a little more while creating a disincentive for employers to overwork employees.

The misnamed “Working Families Flexibility Act” would allow employers to borrow their employees’ overtime pay interest-free, without any security, putting it at risk for workers at the 400,000 businesses that go out of business every year.

Write your representative today and tell them to reject the “Working Families Flexibility Act” and maintain overtime protections for millions of working people. …

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