More Than 300 IATSE Crew Members Get Thousands of Hours of Benefits

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According to Chrisley crew.

Reprinted from an IATSE press release on May 12, 2017. It is unattributed.

Thanks to workers calling in their non-union jobs, more than 300 IATSE-represented crew members across five productions have received thousands of hours of benefits!

  1. Two non-scripted stage show crews walk off the job for a contract in Los Angeles. New game show My Partner Knows Best and talk show pilot According to Chrisley were both organized after short strikes motivated the producers to sign a union agreement. Between these two shows, more than 120 IATSE-represented crew members will be receiving benefits for all work performed, with some members receiving wage increases and payments related to retroactive working condition violations.Both contracts are from date-of-hire and include triple-time after 15 hours, compounding meal penalties, enhanced daily and weekend turnaround provisions, Martin Luther King Jr. Day as an added holiday, a 10-hour daily minimum call and a requirement that if the show goes to series, the crew must be invited back. …

IATSE press release 5/12

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