NY Assembly Passes Bill Ending Sub-Minimum Wages for Car Wash Workers

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Carwasheros Call on the Senate to Pass S.2664-A Swiftly – and End the Tip Credit Once and For All

Reprinted from the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union on June 20, 2017. It us unattributed.

[On Wednesday], the New York State Assembly passed A.2967-A, just hours after lawmakers experienced a day-in-the-life of a car wash worker, and saw firsthand the sub-minimum wages earned after a day of back breaking work. Now, car wash workers are urging the Senate to pass the bill quickly to put an end to their washed-out-wages.

Carwasheros, members of New York Communities for Change, Make the Road New York, and the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union gathered in Albany earlier to call on the legislature to pass this critical bill that will help 5,000 workers who work in the car wash industry.

“The Assembly’s passage of my legislation (A2967-A) marks a major step towards eliminating the rampant wage theft which plagues the car wash industry. Unlike servers whose work carries an expected 20% tip, gratuities have never constituted a significant portion of a car wash worker’s income, and the little they do earn is far from enough to reach the base minimum wage. Although employers are supposed to make up the difference, they seldom do. Allowances for gratuities in their hourly wage has done nothing but allow a process through which employers can cheat their workers out of their due earnings. I applaud my colleagues in the Assembly for doing right by carwasheros; I encourage the Senate to pass this legislation and simplify a process that continues to rob low-income families of a living wage,” said Assemblymember Francisco Moya. …

RWDSU press release 6/20

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