Trump Takes Steps to Undo Obama Legacy on Labor

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Reprinted from The New York Times by  on June 20, 2017.

President Trump is taking a major step to alter the direction of federal labor policy, positioning the National Labor Relations Board to overturn a series of high-profile Obama-era decisions.

By filling two vacant seats and swinging the board from Democratic to Republican control, Trump could reverse these actions:

A ruling that increased the likelihood companies can be held responsible for labor violations committed by contractors and franchisees.

A ruling that made it easier for relatively small groups of workers within a company to form a union.

A ruling that granted graduate students at private universities a federally protected right to unionize.

Rules enacted by the Obama-era board allowing union elections to proceed on a faster timetable. Many business groups refer to the new approach as “ambush” rules, complaining that employers no longer have sufficient time to make the case to workers against unionizing. …

NY Times 6/20

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