Court Sides with Missouri Unions in `Right to Work’ Dispute

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Protestors line the street outside the abandoned Amelex warehouse in Springfield, Missouri where Missouri Governor Eric Greitens held a ceremonial signing of "right-to-work" legislation on Monday, February 6, 2017. The governor and other backers of right to work say it will bring business to the state and give workers the choice not to pay into a union if they don't want to join. (Nathan Papes/The Springfield News-Leader via AP) Springfield News-Leader

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A union-led attempt to dump Missouri’s new “right to work” law scored a victory in court Friday.

The Missouri Court of Appeals Western District overturned a lower court decision that said the language of a proposed ballot initiative seeking to nix the new law was unfair and insufficient.

At issue is a controversial law that bans the collection of union dues as a condition of employment. Governor Eric Greitens and fellow Missouri Republicans say it will create jobs and lure businesses to the Show-me state. …

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 7/28

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