Peter Bogdanovich Remembers Jerry Lewis

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Getty Images Jerry Lewis and Peter Bogdanovich in 2005 at the 30th Annual Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards.

Reprinted from The Hollywood Reporter by Peter Bogdanovich on August 20, 2017.

“Jerry Lewis ducked a lot of bullets — he’s had so many things wrong with him over the years — but I just didn’t expect to hear that he had died,” writes Peter Bogdanovich in The Hollywood Reporter. “I thought he was going to make it to 100, which he said he was going to try to do. It’s just shocking and sad.

“Jerry was remarkably funny, and he was a good friend to me. I’ve known him for 56 years. I watched him shooting The Ladies Man when I was out here in Los Angeles for the first time in 1961. I was taking notes because I was going to do a piece about my trip to Hollywood.  Esquire finally published it in 1962, and there was a short but amusing column about Jerry in that piece, so the editor of Esquire asked me if I would do a profile of Jerry because he liked what I had written. I said ‘Yes,’ came to California and spent three weeks with him. They published the piece, which was called ‘Mr. Lewis Is a Pussycat,’ and he loved it. It was his favorite piece for years, and in fact he mimeographed it, if anyone remembers what a mimeograph is, and he sent it out to everybody. And we were friends from then on. …

Hollywood Reporter 8/20

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