Poll: Most Say Time to Stop Trying to Repeal ‘Obamacare’

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Disputes between a President and a Majority Leader can rock a Presidency. Could Trump’s attacks on McConnell mark some kind of a turning point? Photograph by Bill Clark / Getty

Reprinted from The Sacramento Bee by Alan Fram on August 11, 2017.

Message to President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans: Stop trying to scuttle the Obama health care law, and start trying to make it more effective.

That’s the resounding word from a national poll released Friday by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation. The survey was taken following last month’s Senate derailment of the GOP drive to supplant much of President Barack Obama’s statute with a diminished federal role in health care.

Around 4 in 5 want the Trump administration to take actions that help Obama’s law function properly, rather than trying to undermine it. Trump has suggested steps like halting subsidies to insurers who reduce out-of-pockets health costs for millions of consumers. His administration has discussed other moves like curbing outreach programs that persuade people to buy coverage and not enforcing the tax penalty the statute imposes on those who remain uninsured. …

Sacramento Bee 8/11

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