Mehta: How Antonio Villaraigosa Went from a Union Organizer to a Union Target

September 25, 2017

Antonio Villaraigosa launched his political career off his work as a union organizer, and labor played a critical role in getting him elected to office. So it was a remarkable moment when Villaraigosa, as Los Angeles’ mayor, blasted the city’s teachers union where he once worked as “the largest obstacle to creating quality schools.” […]

Sam’s Club Swaps Out Accountants for Robots

September 25, 2017

Sam’s Club has announced news that it is cutting 700 back-office retail positions at its US brick-and-mortar locations as the company attempts to gain more control over costs and improve efficiency in its operations. Confirmed last week, the […]

Clawson: Unions Fight to Protect Immigrant Workers

September 23, 2017

“Unions are stepping up dramatically in the fight against Donald Trump’s bigoted, brutal immigration policies,” writes Laura Clawson in The Daily Kos. “Unite Here, the hotel workers’ union, is training workers to face down immigration raids and […]

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