Nichols: Trump’s Labor Picks Give Workers Nothing to Celebrate

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Protesters demonstrate during a 2017 May Day march in Chicago. (Max Herman / Sipa via AP Images)

Reprinted from The Nation by John Nichols on September 3, 2017.

“Donald Trump is the most anti-worker, anti-labor president since Calvin Coolidge,” writes John Nichols in The Nation. “That should not come as a surprise. Trump ran in 2016 on a militantly anti-union Republican platform, and he has for the most part kept the promises of a party that long ago abandoned any pretense of representing the American working class.

“Because candidate Trump criticized noxious free-trade agreements that Democratic and Republican presidents have advanced, there were many workers who imagined he was on their side. Some still do.

“But Trump will not deliver for working people on this or any other Labor Day. He has made that plain by assembling an administration that is packed with political grifters who have made it their business to defend sweatshops, depress wages and tip every balance toward multi-national corporations. …

The Nation 9/3

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