Court Sides with Unions in Missouri ‘Right to Work’ Battle

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Reprinted from PR News Channel on October 20, 2017. It is unattributed.

An attempt to stop Missouri’s upcoming referendum vote on a recent Right to Work bill has been blocked by the state’s Supreme Court. Right to Work advocates challenged the labor victory and argued the petition tricked voters, making them unknowingly support overturning the existing law.

“We will fight to make sure voters who were tricked are not misled at the ballot box,” said Ed Greim, leader of the legal team attempting to stop the referendum. Greim also announced future plans to challenge most of the signatures gathered, believing citizens didn’t understand the ramifications of their decision.

Missouri has been a legislative battleground since Governor Eric Greitens signed the Right to Work bill into law in early 2017. Within hours, critics and pro-union groups filed for a referendum.

Referendums are a seldom used tactic to recall existing laws and leave their fate up to voters. To have the vote, sponsors of the referendum must have a petition which shows significant public concern in changing the law. For Missouri, this required about 90,000 signatures.

When the August 18th deadline came, the petition had over 300,000 signatures. …

PR News 10/20

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