AFL-CIO: ‘Right to Work’ Is a Cynical Power Grab

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Reprinted from the AFL-CIO blog Now by Stan Sorscher on February 23, 2018.

“The effort to expand cynically named ‘right to work’ laws says a lot about what is wrong with politics in our country,” writes Stan Sorscher in the AFL-CIO blog Now. “Disguised as protecting workers, the real goal is to silence workers’ voice, reduce our bargaining power and make our jobs more precarious. It’s about power—social, political and economic power.

“After years of deceptive messaging, most people have the misconception that state law can force a worker to join a union. The reality is that no federal law and no law in any state can force a worker to join a union.

“That’s good. No state or federal legislator should tell you when to join a union or when you can’t. This is a decision for you, your co-workers and your employer.

“There is one and only one way to have the situation where all workers contribute to their union. If your workplace has agency fee or fair share fees, it’s because your co-workers demanded it and fought to write it into your contract. AND the employer agreed. AND your co-workers ratified the contract. In each subsequent round of contract negotiations, both sides ratify it again. …

AFL-CIO Now 2/23

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