Nine Women You Should Know About this Labor Day

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Reprinted from Bustle by  on August 30, 2018.

“Labor Day is celebrated each September to honor the working people of America — not, as many think, to mourn the end of summer,” writes JR Thorpe in Bustle. “Labor Day is an opportunity to look at how far labor rights in the US have come, thanks to the work of activists, unionists, strikers, and people who just couldn’t keep quiet about injustice in their workplace. And if you know your history, you’ll realize that women have played a huge role in making the US a safer, more equitable place to have a job, whether they’ve been out on picket lines or getting laws passed to protect workers’ rights.

“The fight isn’t over yet. The gender pay gap still exists. Women remain in need of paid parental leave; the US is one of the rare wealthy countries not to provide it to their citizens by federal law. Executive orders that protected fair pay by federal contractors have been scrapped by the Trump White House, and other reforms protecting workers’ rights may be under threat. So now is the time to be inspired by these firebrands of the past who fought for your right to work safely, get paid well and do what you love without anybody else stopping you. This Labor Day, it’s time to look at the past to be motivated for the future. …

Bustle 8/30

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