Teamsters Announce New 5-Year Contract at UPS, Despite Member Vote to Reject It

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Reprinted from NW Labor Press by its staff on October 8, 2018.

The Teamsters union announced October 5 that a new five-year nationwide contract at UPS has been ratified covering 243,000 drivers, sorters and others — despite the fact that the agreement was rejected by a majority of the 92,604 members who voted on it.

Teamsters at UPS voted by 54.2 percent to reject the company’s offer, but only 44 percent of the unit’s 209,043 union members cast ballots. Under a provision in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters constitution, it takes a two-thirds majority to reject a contract if less than a majority of bargaining unit members cast a vote.

“Not enough members covered by the National Master UPS Agreement exercised their right to vote,” the union explained in a statement.

The new agreement raises wages $4.15 over five years, and increases starting wages for part-time workers from $10 to $13 an hour. But it also sets up a two-tier system in which a new classification of lower-paid full-time drivers would do weekend deliveries. Currently full time drivers earn over $36 an hour, and earn double time for Sunday work. The new classification of drivers would start at $20.50 and reach $34.79 by August 1, 2022. …

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