L’Arrivée du 3D

May 1, 2008

The book is a thorough, precise, comprehensive and deeply revealing analysis of its subject. […]

Seeing Is Believing

March 1, 2008

‘The Eye is Quicker’ a book about editing that would best stand alongside Walter Murch’s In the ‘Blink of an Eye’ on an editor’s bookshelf. […]

The Unheard Magic

January 1, 2008

Some essential words are offered about cutting room etiquette and potential traps for the dialogue editor. […]

The Zen of the Dance

July 1, 2006

Every few years, a motion picture editor should read this book to clear the field of view and refresh the vision about what the craft is all about. […]

The History of Docs

September 1, 2005

Perhaps more than any other genre, editing plays a crucial role in documentary storytelling and shaping of the narrative. […]

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