Fingering the Cold War Kids

July 1, 2008

 ‘Dr. T’ reveals––as few others of its era did––the dysfunctional cracks in the post-war little box subdivisions that exploded in the 1960s […]

This Quarter in Film History: Triumph of the Shill

March 1, 2008

Though Leni Riefenstahl always denied she was a Nazi propagandist. Two recent biographies have unearthed damning evidence that she was a narcissist Nazi diva who legitimized the Nazi ideals of force and physical beauty through the power of her images. […]

This Quarter in Film History: Prêt-à-PORTER

January 1, 2008

Though not well known, Edwin S. Porter should be regarded as the father of film editing because the basic principles of the craft did not exist before he directed and edited ‘The Life of an American Fireman’. […]

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