Howard Hawks’ ‘Rio Bravo'(1959)

November 1, 2005

By consuming the wine and wafer, we vicariously channel the divinity of Christ, and, by watching ‘Rio Bravo’, I was vicariously channeling the courage of John Wayne. […]

Cinema Paradiso in San Diego

November 1, 2005

You’d think my path to joining the Editors Guild would be a predictable journey: attend film school, pursue an internship in post-production, get in the union, win awards. But I didn’t go that route. […]

The History of Docs

September 1, 2005

Perhaps more than any other genre, editing plays a crucial role in documentary storytelling and shaping of the narrative. […]

Cutting in Cinematic Time

March 1, 2005

With Mary Ann Doane’s highly theoretical meditation, the reader is challenged to reflect on the representation of time in film. […]

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