Guild’s Goal for 2018:
More Member Involvement

February 16, 2018

Last year our great organizing team of Rob Callahan and Preston Johnson was successful in organizing Vice Media. We negotiated a card check agreement, and the Guild was certified as the bargaining agent. Our National Executive Director Cathy Repola is currently negotiating a first contract for about 200 members. This will bring our national membership roll up to nearly 8,000. […]

Resolve vs. Intransigence
The Key to Organizing a Workplace

February 16, 2018

An interminable freeze in New York. Thirty-eight minutes of existential dread in Hawaii. The grinding dysfunction of our political system nationwide. The loss of 30 seconds off the Doomsday Clock globally. The burnish has already worn off of 2018. So how are your resolutions coming along? […]

PASSAGES – Gerald B. Greenberg, ACE

February 16, 2018

Gerald B. Greenberg, ACE, died December 22 after a long illness, leaving behind a huge legacy and a collection of memorable films that bear his stamp of originality. He was 81. […]

PASSAGES – Thomas G. Stanford

February 16, 2018

Thomas G. Stanford peacefully departed a long and happy life on December 23, 2017 at the age of 93, a life well-lived. He is survived by his beloved partner Sherry Bendickson, cherished daughter and husband Nina and Brendt Mullan, their adored children Julian and Denis, and cherished son and wife Adam and Lyn Stanford. […]


February 16, 2018

IN MEMORIAM, 2018 – Q1 Randy Beveridge Colorist (September 16, 1961 – October 18, 2017) 13 years a member Frank […]

Guild Plans Special Events to Celebrate Diversity

February 16, 2018

The Editors Guild’s Diversity Committee, with its various subcommittees, represent the Guild’s largest committee (32 members). The committees have been planning events for 2018, the first of which was already presented just a week into the new year. […]

The Compositor’s Apprentice
Blackmagic’s Fusion 9

February 16, 2018

Compositing is a critical part of the filmmaking process, the step where, after months of production, all the elements of a scene are assembled. It’s where visual effects-heavy shots come into their own, and filmmakers finally see their visions come to life. A compositor is like a master chef who combines various ingredients together: a pinch of fog, a dash of lens flare, then key that, add a little camera mapping, track in some bushes… Before long, the final dish — I mean shot — is realized […]

PASSAGES – Joe Staton

December 8, 2017

Joe Staton passed away on August 1, 2017 at his home in Los Angeles after a long illness. He was 81. Born in Harlem, New York City, Joe was a veteran of the Korean War. […]

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