Robert Reich: Why Unions Should Matter to You

March 24, 2019

“As I travel around the country, I tell people: if you have a job, join a union. And if you don’t have a union, start one,” writes Robert Reich in Salon. “You see, it all comes down to the balance of power between business and workers. You strengthen the […]

More Las Vegas Casino Dealers Vote to Join UAW

March 24, 2019

Nearly 550 gaming dealers at Caesars Palace Las Vegas Casino voted to join the UAW on Saturday, the Detroit-based labor union reports. The move comes after more than 1,470 gaming dealers from Bally’s, Harrah’s, Paris and the Wynn casinos […]

L.A. Uber Drivers to Strike on Monday

March 24, 2019

Rideshare Drivers United-Los Angeles, which represents 2800 on-demand drivers, will picket Uber’s Greenlight Hub in Redondo Beach, California, Monday to demand that the rideshare company walk back a recent 25 percent cut to drivers’ per minute rate. The union local told Morning Shift that some of […]

BLS: Hawaii Leads the Nation in Union Membership

March 23, 2019

Twenty states had rates above the US average of 10.5 percent, and one state had the same rate. Two states had union member-ship rates over 20.0 percent in 2018: Hawaii (23.1 percent) and New York (22.3 percent). California’s rate was 14.7 percent of […]

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