US Appeals Court Upholds Wisconsin ‘Right-To-Work’ Law

July 13, 2017

Two local affiliates of the International Union of Operating Engineers had argued that Wisconsin’s law violates US labor laws and a portion of the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution by preventing unions from collecting payment for services they […]

Big Week in Congress for Trump Labor Picks

July 11, 2017

Senate lawmakers will take up three Trump administration nominations on Thursday: Patrick Pizzella for deputy labor secretary and Marvin Kaplan and Bill Emanuel to join the National Labor Relations Board. That means the full […]

Long-Term Contracts for 1,500 CUNY Adjuncts

July 11, 2017

City University of New York’s 30,000-member faculty union fought for six years for a contract that ensured a handful of must-haves. Among them was more job security for adjuncts, who previously taught on semester-to-semester […]

WSJ: Following Recess, GOP Health-Care Push Gets Trickier

July 9, 2017

Senate Republicans returning from a July 4 recess are so divided over a health-overhaul bill that they are increasingly talking about what to do if they fail to pass their legislation. So far, they are divided about that, too. Some conservative lawmakers […]

Tillett-Saks: Labor’s Last Chance for Solidarity

July 9, 2017

“In 1980, PATCO leadership infamously chose to grovel to Ronald Reagan, endorsing his presidential run,” writes Andrew Tillett-Saks in Jacobin. “Less than a year later, Reagan smashed PATCO and helped jumpstart American labor’s precipitous […]

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