US Women’s Hockey Team Hits Hard in Pay Dispute

March 16, 2017

The team’s boycott matters because the US women are the defending world champs. They have medaled in all five of the sport’s Olympic tournaments. They are one of only four or five quality teams in the world, making their presence essential […]

Appeal Promised as McDonald’s Ducks Wage-Theft Suit

March 16, 2017

Cashiers Guadalupe Salazar, Genoveva Lopez and Judith Zarate sued McDonald’s and franchise owner Bobby Haynes in March 2014, claiming they were denied meal and rest breaks and that McDonald’s miscalculated their wages through a flawed […]

Five Key Findings from the CBO’s Healthcare Score

March 16, 2017

The GOP bill would hit older people and low-income people the hardest, according to the CBO. The premium for a 64-year-old making $26,500, after factoring in financial assistance, would rise from $1,700 to $14,600 under the GOP plan. […]

‘Tension’ Reported at WGA, AMPTP Talks

March 15, 2017

“It was very tense and got a little heated,” one insider told Deadline about Day 1 of talks between the two sides at the AMPTP’s Sherman Oaks headquarters. “There’s a big divide when it comes to expectations and a lot of mistrust, more than I’ve seen before,” the source added. The talks are over a new […]

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