Moyers: Big Business Cheers Rollback on Labor Rule

June 19, 2017

Big franchise businesses are sighing with relief thanks to yet another rollback of an Obama-era rule. Known as the joint em- ployment rule, it governed just who is liable when workers rights are violated. Big companies like McDonald’s were against […]

Rent is Out of Reach for Minimum-Wage Workers in Every State

June 19, 2017

If you’re being paid minimum wage, forget about being able to afford a two-bedroom apartment. In fact, forget about being able to afford a one-bedroom apartment. According to the annual report on wages and housing costs from the National Low Income Housing Coalition […]

GM Expects to Move 600 Supplier Jobs from Mexico to Texas

June 18, 2017

General Motors Company said Friday it would open a supplier park near its Arlington, Texas factory, resulting in the relocation of about 600 jobs from Mexico to the US and a higher concentra- tion of American-made parts in Chevrolet Suburbans and Cadil- lac Escalades. The decision predates Trump’s election, says […]

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