NLRB Says Bay Area Walmart Strikers Were Wrongly Punished

September 6, 2016

The National Labor Relations Board says six Walmart employees who held a peaceful 90-minute strike at a Bay Area store in 2012, protesting their employment status and an abusive supervisor, acted within their rights and were illegally disciplined […]

Clinton Slams Trump’s Record on Labor

September 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton took the opportunity at a Labor Day rally in Cleveland on Monday to slam Donald Trump’s labor record. “He built his career on refusing to pay workers, plumbers, painters, glass installers and marble installers, people who did work for him and he refused to pay them,” she said. […]

Jaffee: How Labor Day Sprang from State Violence

September 5, 2016

“Labor Day is an oddly apolitical affair in the United States,” writes Sarah Jaffee in The Los Angeles Times. “If we pay homage to workers movements at all, it’s usually to celebrate the existence of weekends. But Labor Day sprang from state violence.” […]

Unions Give Black Workers a Big Wage Boost

September 5, 2016

Like everyone else, black workers’ union membership rates have declined in recent decades under the relentless assault from anti-union bosses and politicians. But black workers are more likely than other groups to be in unions, and they are […]

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