AE: Acrimony Over an Acronym

December 1, 2015

The first time I heard my assistant editor referred to as an “AE,” the hairs on my back went up! I felt it was disrespectful and unbecoming — but why? After all, we call production assistants PAs without offense, so why not call assistant editors AEs? Well, for starters, PAs fetch coffee and deliver scripts, whereas assistant editors perform highly skilled creative and technical work in an artistic craft. […]

Randy Roberts: 2014 ACE Heritage Award Honoree

March 1, 2014

Hollywood mythology has it that a determined person can start in the mailroom and end up at the top of the business. While very few people actually make that myth become a reality, Randy J. Roberts, A.C.E., is living proof that it can happen. […]

Larry Silk: ACE 2013 Career Achievement Award Honoree

March 1, 2013

Lawrence Silk, A.C.E., links his interest in documentaries to an early social consciousness, derived in part from his parents. As a teenager, Silk’s father had guided Eugene Debs through factories near Pittsburgh and, when they moved from Detroit to New York’s Washington Heights, Silk was well aware of the plight of the German Jewish refugees from the war, who were his classmates. […]

Richard Marks: ACE 2013 Career Achievement Award Honoree

March 1, 2013

Not long ago, Richard Marks, A.C.E., sat down and began watching his old movies — not just his best-known movies or his personal favorites, but all of them. The four-time Academy Award- and ACE Eddie Award-nominated editor says it was “a strange experience” to be reminded of the tens of thousands of decisions — large and small — that he made in the cutting rooms of such films as Apocalypse Now (1979), Pennies from Heaven (1981), Terms of Endearment (1983) and As Good As It Gets (1997). […]

Honor Thy Editor

September 1, 2012

As part of their ongoing effort to gain recognition and acknowledgement for picture editors, the Motion Picture Editors Guild and the American Cinema Editors (ACE) launched a Petition for the Recognition of Editors in late June. […]

Still Loving ‘Lucy’

November 1, 2009

From the CineMontage archives, a 2009 interview with the award-winning editor, Dann Cahn, about the beginnings of the I Love Lucy show and the ground-breaking editorial requirements for the three-camera production. […]

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