NYT: Let Wronged Workers Join Together

October 2, 2017

In 1938, a 42-year-old autoworker named Florence St. John was angry about being paid less than men doing the same job on a General Motors assembly line in Lansing, Michigan. Banding together with two dozen other women, she sued one of the world’s most powerful companies and won history’s first big […]

Brown Signs One Bill on Arbitration, Vetoes Another

October 2, 2016

SB1241 by state Senator Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont, overrides employment contracts that require arbitration to be held in another state, typically the employer’s home state, or to follow the laws of another state, generally one less […]

CA Governor Signs Bill Limiting Out-of-State Arbitration

September 28, 2016

California Governor Brown signed SB 1241, placing limits on agreements requiring workers to waive their rights to challenge employers in court. The bill specifically bans arbitration clauses which force California residents out-of-state. […]