Ehrenreich: The Divisions of Labor

February 23, 2017

“The working class, or at least the white part, has emerged as our great national mystery,” writes Barbara Ehrenreich in The New York Times. “Traditionally Democratic, they helped elect a flamboyantly ostentatious billionaire to the presidency. ‘What’s wrong with them?’ the liberal pundits keep asking. Why do […]

Hollywood Loses Its Tax Breaks

February 15, 2017

“As the new year dawned, the only federal tax incentive designed specifically to keep film and TV production in the United States has lapsed,” writes David Robb in Deadline Hollywood. “The program had been giving tax breaks to investors for shows shot in the US for more than a decade, but it ended on the first […]

Sorscher: Did Someone Just Say ‘Industrial Policy?’

February 7, 2017

“We are ready for a new approach that would balance trade and share the gains from globalization,” writes Stan Sorscher in The Huffington Post. “Labor, environment, and other civil society groups have specific goals – deal with inequality, climate […]

The Collapse of Organized Farm Labor in California

February 2, 2017

In his recent resignation letter, the head of the board, William B. Gould IV, described the law as “irrelevant to farmworkers.” He estimated that less than one percent of the agricultural work force is now represented by a union. […]

Union Membership Hits New Low

January 26, 2017

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said just 10.7 percent of American workers were members of labor unions in 2016, down from 11.1 percent the previous year, and down from 20.1 percent in 1983, the first year the bureau collected union statistics. “These numbers bear out a trend that’s been underway for years […]

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