Jacobin: Labor’s Narrow Window

January 11, 2017

“We do have a critical weapon here: we know what’s coming,” writes Dave Kamper in Jacobin. “We know exactly what is going to happen to the working class under President Trump: an assault on worker rights the likes of which we have never seen. But we also know this: the American labor movement will […]

EPI: Puzder Fails Every Test for a Labor Secretary

December 9, 2016

“Puzder, who makes millions as a low-wage employer, fails every test for a Labor Secretary,” writes Ross Eisenberry for The Economic Policy Institute. “DOL’s mission is to improve the wages and working conditions of working Americans, but Puzder […]

Breitbart Rips Trump’s Labor Pick

December 9, 2016

Donald Trump on Thursday faced criticism over his labor secretary pick from an unlikely source: Breitbart News, a right-wing media organization that championed Trump’s presidential candidacy. The criticisms mark a departure for the site that staunchly supported Trump’s presidential candidacy and […]

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