AFL-CIO: Organizing in Digital Media Continues to Grow

August 1, 2017

The AFL-CIO’s latest roundup of worker wins begins with a hard-fought victory at The New School. Other successes include the growing trends of digital media newsrooms organizing and progressive organizations living up to their values […]

UAW Makes Second Run in Right-to-Work South

July 21, 2017

United Auto Workers president Dennis Williams said he is confident the union will win a historic election in right-to-work Mississippi. The union, which represents 415,963 auto industry employees, has been campaigning to organize thousands […]

Long-Term Contracts for 1,500 CUNY Adjuncts

July 11, 2017

City University of New York’s 30,000-member faculty union fought for six years for a contract that ensured a handful of must-haves. Among them was more job security for adjuncts, who previously taught on semester-to-semester […]

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