Kahlenberg: The Bobby Kennedy Pathway

March 16, 2018

“After the 2016 election, many progressives were furious to learn that 22 percent of the working-class whites who once supported President Barack Obama voted for Donald Trump,” writes Richard Kahlenberg in The New York Times. “How could the same people back two political figures with such diametrically […]

AFL-CIO Lauds Trump’s Tariffs

March 1, 2018

The nation’s largest federation of unions on Thursday praised President Trump’s plan to impose steep tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, even as GOP lawmakers in Congress and US trade partners condemned the proposal. “For years, we have called attention to the predatory practices of some steel […]

Wittner: The Trump Administration’s War on Workers

February 18, 2018

“When Donald Trump was running for the presidency, he promised that, if he was elected, ‘the American worker[s] will finally have a president who will protect them and fight for them,’” writes Lawrence Wittner in George Washington […]

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