2017 Survey — Who We Are

March 29, 2017

Last year, the Editors Guild’s Diversity Committee sent out its first survey to gather preliminary information about the Local 700 membership. […]

Klein: Labor Leaders’ Cheap Deal with Trump

February 7, 2017

“But the edifice that Trump is building is rigged to collapse on the very people these unions are supposed to defend,” writes Naomi Klein in The New York Times. “His cuts to regulations will make them less safe on the job, and he may well wage war […]

California Unions Grow as US Rolls Shrink

January 30, 2017

A new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows union influence in the entire California workplace grew slightly last year, a stark contrast to declining union rolls nationwide. California union membership grew with the state job market, up 65,000, or 2.6 percent, in a year. Nationally, it’s a different […]

Brooks: Organizing Labor’s Left Pole

December 25, 2016

Some have “called for labor to return to class-struggle unionism — to a no-shortcuts approach to organizing that centers labor’s relevance and strength on the capacity of workers themselves to take collective action in day-to-day battles with management,” writes Chris Brooks in Jacobin. […]

Greenhouse: Are Democrats Defending Labor?

December 21, 2016

Have blue-collar workers fallen for a Republican bait-and-switch? On The Gist, journalist Steven Greenhouse sets aside globalization and turns to the domestic forces suppressing wages and hammering workers: Republican-backed anti- […]

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