Earth Day: How Union Workers are Driving a Cleaner Future

April 21, 2018

Without the work of unions to help organize events throughout the country, the first Earth Day might not have been the success it was. In fact, the largest contributor to the first Earth Day was a labor union, and in the intervening decades since that first […]

How the Loss of Union Power has Hurt American Manufacturing

April 20, 2018

“Want to make America great again and keep factories in the United States?” writes Louis Uchitelle in The New York Times. “Try strengthening labor unions. That may seem counterintuitive, and certainly contrary to the direction the country has been […]

Goode: Educating Kids About Unions Teaches Real-World Skills

March 17, 2018

“Both of my parents were in unions, but honestly, I don’t know much about them,” writes Robin White Goode in Black Enterprise. “My indifference could be attributable to what I learned in school about their significance in American history and to workers’ […]

NW Labor Press: A New Era in American Unionism

March 15, 2018

“Between 1945 to 1965, America workers’ wages doubled, and between 1965 and 1985, wages almost doubled again,” writes Oregon AFL-CIO president Tom Chamberlain in NW Labor Press. “But since 1985, wages have been stagnant.  […]

Hollywood Women Launch
Anti-Harassment Plan

February 16, 2018

Driven by outrage and a determination to correct a power imbalance that seemed set in stone just a few months ago, prominent Hollywood women took matters further. Some 300 female actors, agents, writers, directors, producers and studio executives formed an ambitious, broad-based initiative to fight systemic sexual harassment in Hollywood and beyond. […]

Beck: Democrats Idly Watch Republicans Kneecap Organized Labor

January 29, 2018

“The 28 so-called American ‘right-to-work states’ prohibit making union membership a prerequisite for employment in any work place,” writes Chris Beck in Splice Today. “In other words, workers opting out are able to reap all of the substantial benefits […]

New York Union Membership Grew by 75,000 in 2017

January 22, 2018

Unions in New York State had a net gain of 75,000 members last year, a reversal from the loss recorded in 2016, new federal data show. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last week that the ranks of private-sector and government unions in the […]

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