The VFX Factor

March 31, 2016

An informative panel discussing the workflow for visual effects in the editing suite, as part of the ongoing “Partnerships in the Editing Room” seminar series, which examine editorial workflow in television and the relationships of the editorial department and post producers. […]

Plugged-In for Picture: What Film Editors Are Using

July 1, 2014

In the MAY-JUN 14 issue of CineMontage, writer Mel Lambert surveyed sound designers, sound editors and supervising sound editors about the Digital Audio Workstation add-ons that they use to get the job done. In this issue, we’ve asked picture editors what their plug-in choices are. […]

The Iron Men of Post-Production

May 1, 2013

CineMontage caught up with the editors, and their first assistants Matthew Schmidt and John Dietrick, as they were finishing the film, which sees Stark/Iron Man pushed to his limit while battling the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley). […]

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