2020 Democrats Ratchet Up Anti-Corporate Talk in Bid to Woo Unions

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Reprinted from The Hill by Max Greenwood and Alex Gangitano on April 20, 2019.

Democratic presidential hopefuls are seizing on anti-corporate rhetoric and policy proposals as they look to win the support of influential labor unions and frame themselves as working-class heroes.

While virtually every Democrat in the race has sworn off corporate campaign cash, many are still grappling with past ties to powerful industries and fear that candidates like Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) could eventually frame their more recent denunciations of big business and special interests as inauthentic or opportunistic.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts), a longtime critic of big business who has called for the break-up of big tech companies like Amazon, has been especially vocal. She recently joined Stop & Shop workers on strike in Somerville, Massachusetts, on April 12, the day after the strike for better wages and benefits was declared. …

The Hill 4/20

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