An Over-50 Comic Takes on Public ‘Ghosting’

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Cally Beaton (Rebecca Need-Menear)

Reprinted from The Guardian UK by on August 20, 2019.

“I’m writing this from a damp Edinburgh flat, having abandoned my comfortable London life for a month at the fringe, which is like a month-long freshers’ week, but with finals every day,” writes Cally Beaton in The Guardian.

“My show Invisible, about life at an age when the world ghosts you, came about because I turned 50 and didn’t like the cut of Yann Moix’s jib – the French author said last year that women over 50 are invisible and too old to love. (I’ve spent my whole life trying to be invisible to men like him.)

“According to popular imagination, we fiftysomethings variously: clog up the employment pipeline, are grumpy, don’t have any (good) sex, wear statement jewellery/high-waisted trousers (delete according to gender), are unfit, are not tech savvy, and are grey-haired and tired. We like gardening (I live in Camden with a garden the size of a pillowcase. I mow away more when I shave. That’s a joke: I don’t shave.) We spend our kids’ inheritance funds on Saga holidays and buy porcelain dogs from Sunday supplements. Since turning 50, I have been targeted with online ads for menopause nighties, incontinence pants and stairlifts. …

Manchester Guardian 8/20

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