Conventional Lessons

September 1, 2009

each of these groups was struggling with a profound but similar problem––the way technology was changing the jobs of their membership. The solution for many of them was the same: Organize. […]

Posting on Location?

November 1, 2008

If you’re working on distant location and the picture hires editorial personnel locally, please make sure to call it in to the Guild so we can make proper arrangements for our new members. […]

Labor Movement Down But Not Out

September 1, 2007

The EFCA isn’t going to cure all that ails us, but such a law would give unions better tools to fight for fair wages and better working conditions. […]

Retiring—the Bill Elias Way

January 1, 2007

The pension benefits are truly remarkable, and should not be forgotten when we think of good reasons to help organize a non-union production company or post house. […]

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