DGA Weighs In on WGA’s Battle with Talent Agents

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Reprinted from Deadline Hollywood by David Robb on April 15, 2019.

The DGA is telling its hyphenate members that they don’t have to fire their agents for DGA-covered work even if they are also writers who are being told by the WGA that they must fire their agents who refuse to sign its new Agency Code of Conduct. At least not for now.

“There are important issues that we are examining in the context of the DGA agency agreement,” the DGA said. “As our franchise agreement is currently in effect, we are not instructing hyphenate members to terminate their agents with respect to DGA-covered services at the present time.”

WGAThe WGA’s message to its hyphenate members has evolved in recent days. Before ordered its members to fire their agents, the WGA posed the question: “I’m represented by an agency for both writing and another area of work not covered by the guild (stand-up, acting, directing, etc.). Is it mandatory that I leave the agent for my non-Guild-covered work if my agency doesn’t sign?” …

Deadline Hollywood 4/15

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