Financial Relief Available for IA Members Affected by Saddleridge Fire

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IA President Matt Loeb speaks to the D2 convention in Las Vegas in 2018. Photo by Jeff Burman

Reprinted from an IATSE press release on October 11, 2019.

The Saddleridge Fire is creating widespread destruction in the area north of Los Angeles. Over 8,600 of our members live within the evacuation zone.

Financial relief is available for IATSE members affected by the fire through the Walsh/Di Tolla/Spivak Foundation. IATSE members in need of assistance should submit a written request to their local union. Local unions will then forward any requests to the Walsh/Di Tolla/Spivak Foundation for review by the Foundation’s trustees.

We also encourage IATSE members who are not directly affected by the fire to donate to the Walsh/Di Tolla/Spivak Foundation. Money from the Foundation helps pay for shelter, food, clothing, and other necessities to help our affected IATSE sisters and brothers get through this difficult time. …

IATSE press release 10/11

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