Jacobin: Bernie Sanders’ Campaign is Different

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A still from Sanders's new ad. YouTube

Reprinted from Jacobin by Ben Beckett on July 10, 2019.

A new video from the Bernie Sanders campaign is proof: Sanders has used his bully pulpit to amplify workers’ struggles around the country, in a way no national politician in the United States has done before now.

“If I miss a paycheck, I’m screwed. I would literally become homeless.”

With this statement in the latest Bernie Sanders campaign video — premiering at Jacobin  — labor activist Kelly Osborne of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, speaks for millions of working-class people. Osborne, a forty-four-year-old cancer survivor who is raising her five-year-old grandson, works at McDonald’s for $8.25 an hour, which she describes as “just not a living wage.”

Speaking of her grandson, Osborne says, “What I would like to see for him when he gets older and gets a job is union rights, is $15 an hour so he can survive.” …

Jacobin 7/10

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