EPI: More than 8M Workers Will Be Left Behind by the Trump Overtime Proposal

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Reprinted from The Economic Policy Institute by Heidi Shierholz on April 8, 2019.

On March 22, 2019, the Department of Labor published a proposal to set the salary threshold under which almost all workers are entitled to overtime pay to $679 per week, or $35,308 for a full-year worker, in 2020. The adoption of this proposal would leave behind millions of workers who would have gotten new or strengthened overtime protections under regulations finalized in 2016. This analysis compares the economic impact of the Trump administration proposal to the 2016 rule. Key findings include:

  • An estimated 8.2 million workers would be left behind by the Trump proposal.
  • The 8.2 million workers left behind by the Trump proposal include 3.1 million workers who would have gotten new overtime protections under the 2016 rule and 5.1 million workers who would have gotten strengthened protections under the 2016 rule.
  • The 8.2 million workers who would be left behind include 4.2 million women, 3.0 million people of color, 4.7 million workers without a college degree, and 2.7 million parents of children under the age of 18. …

EPI 4/8

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