Politico: Here’s Where the Democratic Candidates Stand on the Biggest Issues

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Reprinted from Politico by  and  on May 6, 2019.

The Democratic primary field for 2020 is largely set, but with former Vice President Joe Biden finally jumping in, the most high-profile candidate has yet to weigh in on many of the policy fights that so far have defined the battle to beat Donald Trump.

Voters, donors and political organizations are grilling candidates on whether they would support paying reparations to descendents of slaves, expanding the Supreme Court or abolishing the Electoral College. Biden, who has so far avoided many of these knotty questions, is sure to face inquiries about them soon. …

The idea that healthcare is a human right is universal among 2020 Democrats. The majority of the candidates support a transition toward a single-payer, “Medicare for All” model that eliminates private insurance, though most argue that expanding Medicare and introducing a public option is a more realistic and likely first step. …

Politico 5/6

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