Prosecution Makes Final Case Against ‘Abusive Rapist’ Harvey Weinstein

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Jeenah Moon/Getty Images Joan Illuzzi arrives for court

Reprinted from The Hollywood Reporter by Jeremy Barr on February 14, 2020.

On Friday morning, lead prosecutor Joan Illuzzi put a bow on the State of New York’s case against Harvey Weinstein, calling the former movie mogul an “abusive rapist” who manipulated and abused women who wanted to break into the entertainment industry.
Weinstein, she said, viewed himself as “the master of his universe, and the witnesses here were really ants whom he could step on without consequences.”
Illuzzi argued that Weinstein kept in touch with his alleged victims, through email exchanges that have been seized on by the defense, “as a little check” to make sure they wouldn’t make accusations against him. The two primary witnesses in the case, Jessica Mann and Miriam Haley, both faced questions during their testimony about why they stayed in touch with Weinstein, occasionally sending him “loving” emails.
Finishing up her presentation on Friday afternoon, Illuzzi fiercely defended the motives of the six women who have testified in recent weeks that Weinstein sexually assaulted them. …

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